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Pressing Plant
I was a superhero sitting in a building made for superheroes (like the justice league hall of whatever). I was sitting on the ground in front of a table, legs outstretched, and other superheroes were nearby. My wife was sitting near me, but she had a disease that was contagious through touch. She wasn't a superhero but was a scientist or something. She pressed her feet to mine - first one then the other, and I felt connected to her. I wanted to pull her close to me but she didn't want to spread the disease. Funding for the search for a cure kept being delayed and I was upset about it. I pulled her in, put my arm around her, and laid my head against hers. "Maybe they'll look harder if a superhero has it." I looked down at her shoulder where the disease had manifested as a flower growing in her skin. I felt close to her, loved her. Why do my 'intimacy' dreams always involve pressing legs or feet together? I've also had dreams about plants growing from human bodies before. One time... (more)

peter's denial
Lenten Devotion "The servant girl at the door said to Peter, 'You also are not one of this Man's disciples, are you? ..." (John 18:17a). Read John 18:15-18, 25-27. Peter has no reason to be in the high priest's courtyard. Jesus already told the disciples what the outcome of His trial would be. But Peter wants to see for himself, so he enters the courtyard and waits with the guards in the darkness to learn the outcome of the trial. But Peter can't hide. He is recognized at the door by a servant girl, near the fire started by the guards to warm themselves, and finally by a relative of the soldier whose ear Peter had cut off. With his life in peril and no way of escape, Peter's courage melts away and he swears oaths and calls down curses on himself as he tries to distance himself from Jesus of Nazareth. How often are we guilty of Peter's sin? One moment we profess our loyalty to Jesus, the next we deny Him by what we say and do. We forget the price He paid to set us... (more)


I had them all today! March 28, 2015 I have been so blessed today. Having a moment with each of them. Them means all the boys who matter at this point :) *THE BOSS*He did what he promised. I guess he just wanted to check if i am okay or not. Actually, spending a good 40 minutes with this man is more than enough. As always he made sure he has a list of all the things i need important or not. I know i can always count on this guy! *THE CRITIC* Honestly, I am not sure what are we at this very moment except that yeah, we're friends and we're colleagues. For the past 3 days, we eat out together. We always have a good laugh and share good food. But this one drives me crazy. Make me wonder if he is a He or a She! Lelz.. :) *THE EYE CANDY* This guy never fails to brighten my mood. When he talks to me, i turn into a fangirl. Everyday i see him, it's like my heart skips a few beats. Well, not really sure if it skips or totally stops for a... (more)

Tanto de mi
Por si las moscas
- 8 o el 14 de marzo fechas probables - 22 Marzo sospechas - 25 Marzo el me lo dice

ها و

از اولین لحظه ای که خبر سقوط هواپیمای ایرباس شرکت هواپیمائی جرمن وینگز بعنوان یکی از شاخه های شرکت هواپیمائی لوفت هانزا بعنوان سرتیتر خبرها اعلام شد، مهمترین دلیل قابل پیش بینی سقوط آنرا، از کارافتادگی سیستم های تنظیم فشار داخلی و هماهنگی آن در شرائط ویژه را بعنوان یکی از علت های شناخته شده در این نوع از هواپیماها اعلام کردند. هنوز یک یا دو روز از بیان چنین اخبار و اطلاعاتی نگذشته بود که انگار بالاخره کسی را یافته اند تا بعنوان مقصر معرفی کرده و تمام کاسه و کوزه ها را سر وی بشکنند. توضیحات بعدی بعنوان علت سقوط آنهم توسط دادستان شهر مارسی - در... (more)

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